Tasting the City: Melbourne Australia

coffee town
Monk Bodhi Dharma

When I started this blog I intended to revisit and recollect some of the amazing cities I’ve explored. More importantly I intended share with you some of the incredible life-altering foods I’ve tasted. Since a friend of mine is going to Melbourne in, oh 12 hours or so, I figured this was as good of a time as any to start my “Tasting the City” series. So here we go!

We arrived in Melbourne after 8 days of traveling via campervan (good ole’ Sheila) down the eastern coast of Australia. Melbourne would be the first big city in Australia we got to hang out in for a few days and really take a bite out of. (Puns always intended). I was extremely excited about Melbourne because I heard it was home to the best coffee in Australia. And it didn’t disappoint. We hit up at least 5 coffee shops but my absolute favorite was Monk Bodhi Dharma. This tiny brick building is tucked behind a grocery store with a menu that is small but mighty. First the coffee, which is made in-house, as you can see as soon as you walk in, is delicious. It is Australian style which is much more compact and bitter than elsewhere. We were delighted to see they offered  pour-over coffee, a pretty rare thing to find in Australia. I ordered a cup of heaven on earth, otherwise known as Chai Tea which was steeped in milk for 5 minutes in front of me. I LOVE me some coffee, but sometimes a girl just needs a spicy, earthy chai latte. I tasted Bill’s coffee and it was fantastic. We ordered breakfast at Monks and to this day I drool every time I think about my banana bread french toast with just about everything delicious on top (including a caramel sauce). I mean… just… drool…

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