Week 3: England

Grease fest
Grease fest

“Oh shoot 1 gallon of frying oil isn’t enough to do this right. Do you think you guys can get another gallon of plain old vegetable oil?” -Sergio

OH YES, yes we can. Week 3 and we’re on to England where I hear the food usually comes in one color- fried. I’m going to realllly tip my hat to Sergio this week as Bill and I were driving down from Tahoe and didn’t have time to prep something ahead for dinner. BUT we were able to pick up some very important and very British sustenance- beer. Bill and I stopped in two Tahoe Breweries to fill up two different growlers. In case you are my father and don’t know what a growler is (even after showing it to him he was still confused), it is a vessel to hold the magic potion of beer. Please see picture below for clarification. California actually has had but it’s hazy, an odd law stipulating that breweries may only fill beer in a growler bearing their own logo. This leads to certain people hoarding numerous growlers in their home. I’m not naming names or anything. In Truckee, at 50/50 we found a nice, thick English style beer called Donner Party Porter. Seeing as we were about to stuff ourselves silly, I believe the name suited the occasion. Just up the road at their tasting room, we picked up a seasonal IPA from Tahoe Brewing Company. Both styles of beer originated from England.

These are Growlers
These are Growlers

On Saturday Bill and I received a Facetime call from Ashley. Cut to fish. Lots and lots of big fish. Ashley and Sergio and our friend Travis are jumping around like they’ve struck gold. But I completely get it, they struck white and salmon colored gold. Those fish- salmon and cod- were beautiful AND the boys caught it themselves. They had just come back from deep sea fishing right off San Francisco Bay! That night the three of them enjoyed salmon fillet, but we had other plans for the cod. We were going to fry up that cod to make a traditional British combo of fish and chips. This is where the multiple gallons of frying oil came into play.

We drove straight from Tahoe to Ash and Sergio’s house and walked into a makeshift pub. Ashley had a ball with table decor as seen below. She laid out butcher paper covered with British slang and had paper cones ready to be filled with chips. The oil was already heating up and we began to dip the fries. In order to find the perfect shade of oily gold, we fried them twice. Once at a lower temperature and again with more heat. Spot on.

Golden to perfection
Golden to perfection

Sergio made a beer batter for the fish breading which created a beautiful, even, fluffy coating on the outside. The fish fried up quickly. Meanwhile I put together an assortment of dipping sauces. We had both regular and curry ketchup, housemade tarter sauce, malt vinegar, and a side of vinegar slaw with carrots and cabbage. All the gallons of oil were put to good use as dinner turned out wonderfully. The fish were nice and moist inside the delicious breading, the fries were crispy, the beer paired well, and the slaw had just enough color to make us believe something on the plate was healthy.

Fish n'chips
Fish n’chips

For dessert the week prior Ashley joked that the only thing she could cook was trifle. (Not true- Ashley can cook a lot more than she gives herself credit for). So it was a perfect coincidence when we looked up trifle’s origin and found it comes from England. Ashley made a decadent trifle with layers of chocolate and fruit and toffee and rum.



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